About Counter-Strike 1.6

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Counter-Strike abbreviated CS is a shooter game developed by Valve and distributed through the Steam platform. It is the most played shooter type game of all time.

The game has undergone many changes from the half-life mode but has expansions like Source, Conditon Zero and newer Global Offensive. Version 1.6 being the most popular in the world and being played even after so many years by many players.

In the game there are two teams that are fighting for their own goals. The two teams are Tero and Counter, they have different missions and the common mission is to eliminate all enemies, then the round is won.

The objectives of both teams differ on the map of the game. For the maps with the counter bomb they must defuse the bomb and the terrorists plant it and maintain it. Objectives differ from maps and modes.

Those with counter hostages must save the hostages and the therapists prevent them from doing so. The round ends when a team completes its objective / mission or eliminates all members of the enemy team.

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