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Counter-Strike 1.6 [Plugins]

All resources are freeware and respect the copyright!
They were sent by our users.
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Other information:

All the resources on the site are FREEWARE and respect the copyright!
The maps contain screenshots, size and 1 download links.
Skins contain screenshots and 1 download links.
Configures are originals of famous players.
The hacks are tested and scanned.
The programs are 100% functional.
Addons are compatible with both windows and linux.
Plugins contain .amxx and sma.
If there are any questions about the content of the site do not hesitate to contact us.
Download counter-strike 1.6 maps

Map Name INFO Download
de_dust2 bomb/defuse Click
de_inferno bomb/defuse Click
de_inferno2se bomb/defuse Click
de_nuke32 bomb/defuse Click
de_nuke2x2 bomb/defuse Click
css_india_go AWP Map Click
css_dust2 bomb/dfuse Click
css_dust2_go bomb/defuse Click
cs_italy2_cssdust_beta hostage rescue Click
css_nuke bomb/defuse Click
css_inferno bomb/defuse Click
css_assault hostage rescue Click
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